A recording capturing your band / performance in a live environment is a great way to give your audience that live vibe & makes for a much less sterile recording.
Its also a great way to record all your tracks in one go.

live band

mix engineer

I'm a mix engineer so you end up with a really nice pro sounding product.

3 DSLR cameras for that film look finish will capture visuals to go with your audio, perfect for post production promo. I offer packages where a 4-5 minute promo video edited together in post production is included

free hd

speaker 2

Maximise your coverage through social media. Use these videos to provide killer content to showcase your material

Give your band an edge in an increasingly saturated market & help it to stand out with these clean, energetic recordings of you in your natural environment.
Video footage for your youtube channel / website will give potential booking agents / clients a visual representation of what you do



I liase with the venues and sort out all thats needed for the recordings leaving you to just turn up and play. Theres no need for additional setup times as I will be taking the same feeds as the sound engineer on the night. I'll also provide ambient mics to capture the vibe of the gig or location. The audio quality is never compromised by incorperating video, I ensure both are of professional quality. I'm easy to work with and passionate about what i do, quality is key for me so you won't be dissapointed.