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Hello and welcome to the sixth in the series of blogs aimed at getting to know some of the bands in your local music scene and listening to their new releases.

This week we have ‘The Dubarrys’ whose Facebook page runs with the tag:


The Dubarrys are an Alternative Indie 4 piece.
Based in Brighton they combine catchy melodies and hooks with a driven rhythm section, which infused with a dreamy wall of sound, creates their own spin on modern alt sound.

However whilst putting this blog together unfortunately I came across this on the bands Facebook page:

dubarrys letter

Basically they’ve only gone and split up / taken a hiatus! I’d already put a lot of the review together so I decided to share it with you guys anyway. If they’d have sucked I probably would have just ditched it but as that wasn’t at all the case here’s the interview / review in full as I think the track deserves to be heard, enjoy!


I was keen to find out a bit more about The Dubarrys so I asked them a few music and not so music related questions

Describe your band in 3 words?

Ambient indie pop

Favourite local band?


Favourite local venue?

Green door store

Analogue or digital?


Your take on the live music scene in this country?

The live music scene in this country is great and there’s always something on! but very competitive at the same time

Cameron or Corbyn?


Your 3 biggest influences and why?

Kevin Parker/ Tame Impala – The man makes hit after hit. Paul Simon – Songwriting genius Brighton – The town we live in is always inspiring us

Sell your music to us?

We bring in a lot of influences to our music which makes it exciting

music review

Due to the revelation they are currently no longer I was pleased that there was just the one track to review otherwise it may have proved a bit more frustrating. Frustrating because this band are / were (for the purpose of this review I’ll stick with are!) really damn good. If you like your jangly ‘2 Door Cinema Club’ Indie then these guys do it with gusto. ‘Catch The Rider’ starts as it means to go on, understated ethereal guitar and keys with anthemic chord sequence to boot!

Then the vocal kicks in and its all ‘Ben Howard / Damian Rice’, it’s a really great vocal, brilliantly recorded & just works so well with this type of music, love it

This band sound really accomplished, there’s nothing amateur about this track, it could hold up to any indie record out there at the moment and more than hold its own. Its clear from their social media that ‘The Dubarrys’ have a dedicated fan base, they’ve obviously spent a lot of time crafting this record. As I’ve said in other reviews good production makes a big difference to how your tracks are perceived. Thats not to say the tracks got to be good to start of with, it has to be a combination of the 2 to make a killer recording. I can’t really fault the production on this at all, if I was to go digging I could say that the guitar is a bit to loud in places but this is definitely a taste thing and not a criticism of the mix at all, its great.

Back to the track itself and by the second listen I’m singing along to the chorus (in my head of course, there’s a reason I’m that side of the desk!) & being reminded of the jangly guitar bands of 4 or 5 years ago, there was a whole wave that came after ‘2DCC’ but most were fairly second-rate. ‘Catch The Rider’certainly shows how it should be done for sure. The delayed guitar sounds great, all nice and dreamy, the drums and bass are understated but nicely played and do what they need to do for sure. Theres some nice delayed piano in the break and some lush harmonies throughout. Its got everything really and along with that vocal this track really is a tune. definitely a cruising track this one & as summers on its way this would be a great accompaniment to those heady summer days

These guys clearly have talent and its a real shame that they’re currently not active but there’s obviously a good reason behind it and there’s enough creativity there to know that we haven’t heard the last of them in one form or another and I for one look forward to their resurgence in whatever guise it may take

You can listen to ‘Catch the rider’ following the link below:

Thanks to ‘The Dubarrys’ for sending me the single for review & we wish   them success in the future.

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  • Alexander Schönfelder

    Hey Neil! Thanks for the review and for sharing! Glad you enjoyed our new single :)

  • Neil Collins

    I certainly did. Please be sure to update me with regards to any new releases the band or its members release in the future for sure.

  • twd<3

    This is a gorgeous track! Really nice groove and vocals. I hope there’s more coming.

  • Neil Collins

    Agreed, great track, definately hope to hear more from this camp in the future! 👍🏻