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Hello and welcome to the fourth in the series of blogs aimed at getting to know some of the artists in your local music scene and listening to their new releases.


In this blog we speak to Edward Sansom:



I was keen to find out a bit more about Edward so I asked him a few music and not so music related questions

Describe your music in 3 words?

Energy, Melodic, Magnetism…

Favourite local band?

Kudu Blue

Favourite local venue?

The Hope and Ruin

Analogue or digital?


Your take on the live music scene in this country?

For me, I think the live music scene is constantly trying to keep its head above water… From where I am in Brighton, I hear of more music venues closing down then opening up. Most of the indie music venues are being bought out by the big clubs as they just aren’t getting enough people through the doors or because of noise complaints….. I feel that some people have become lazy and feel that liking a band’s video on youtube or facebook means they don’t really have to go to the gig. There’s no doubt in my mind that these people are losing out on the romance of live music. I think now more than ever, bands and artists need to work together to create a “scene” which will really make people want to leave their screens and join in. Going to more gigs and supporting your local venues before they become another ‘Fox & Sons’…

Cameron or Corbyn?


Your 3 biggest influences and why?

Top 3 most played on my itunes…. David Bowie – The chameleon of Pop, comedian, corinthian and caricature. Gaz Coombes – The melodies, the dynamics, the catchy hooks, inventive. Michael Jackson – The rhythm and beat, the moves, tight harmonies.

Sell your music to us?

The style is Melodic Pop, with a darker edge to it. Concentrating on harmonies and catchy choruses delivered in a charismatic charm, you will no doubt leave Edward Sansom’s gig with one of his tunes looping in your head.

music review

So I put on ‘The Talk EP’ and pressed play

So first thing I noticed about first track ‘Hourglass’ is the cool little spoken verse soundbites over the intro, understated and a nice little lead in to the main vocal. The bass doesn’t sit very well for me in this track although this is more a taste thing, I’d like it to be less up front. Edwards voice immediately takes me back to the indie bands of the late 90s, early 2000s. Danny McNamara springs to mind, there’s a really nice soft tone to the vocals. The track itself has a really nice, simple pop structure with cool little guitar riffs and some nice complimentary piano which reminds me a bit of the piano on Robbie William’s ‘Feel”. That’s not an insult BTW, I think it’s a cool little pop track, I’m no musical snob! Not sure about the chord change for the outro, if its necessary or really works but again this is more of a taste thing. All in all a really nice start to the EP

The next track ‘Bottle It’ starts with a similar spoken vox over the intro, again it works and its understated, I like it. Again I’m taken back to early 2000s indie with bands such as ‘Athlete‘, ‘The Open’ etc. Theres some really nice Backing vocals on this one, nicely mixed with some really nice subtle effects on them. I like that it’s a relatively short track, all too often tracks seem to drag for the sake of it. Theres a nice simple piano line throughout although I’m not sure the synths on the chorus’ really work for me and I’m not sure they are necessary?

The third track ‘Follow’ is my standout track. I’m not sure about the distorted bass at the start and I don’t want to sound like I’m not liking the bass playing on this EP, I happen to think there’s some really nice baselines, just some of the bass in the recordings don’t sit right for me personally. There’s some really nice haunting piano that reminds me a bit of ‘The Open’. Really like the lyrics and sentiment of this track:

“Me and my ego we need to come clean, we’ve been riding round town thinking we’re James Dean,

But I can’t afford to fake it, this whole facade, My mechanic won’t sell it for broken parts”

Love the layered backing vocals, really nicely produced with a nice haunting effect. I really like the way the end builds with the guitar kicking in and the understated synth strings, Nice!

Final track ‘Headrush’ has a lush beginning. A really nice simple guitar lick with a simple drum beat and bass line. I should mention that the drums throughout this EP are just enough with no elaborate, ill-judged, complex rhythms, nice consistent pop beats nicely produced. I love the synthetic sounding drum beat before the break, works superbly. I like the way the bass follows the guitar on this one and there’s a really nice echo on the vocal. It’s a nice, chilled out love song with some really well thought out layered instruments and vocals and is a really nice ending to the EP

Overall I really enjoyed having a listen to this. It’s a really nicely put together EP and on the whole well produced. There are a few bits that for me could work better but this is merely a taste thing and doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a really well constructed and executed body of work. Edward has a really nice tone to his voice and lyrically I was impressed with what I listened to. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re into melodic pop / indie music. Have a listen anyway and let me know what you think?

See if you agree, check out ‘The Talk EP’ following the links below:



Thanks to Edward for sending me the EP for review, I hope you have found this blog review enjoyable? Please feel free to leave comments below, it would be great to give him & myself some feedback?

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  • Edward Sansom

    Thank you for the review Neil! I really appreciate the honest feedback! :)

  • Neil Collins

    No problem at all, I try to be as honest as possible. Thanks for sharing your music with us

  • aolstudios

    A little Paulo Nutini, which is no bad thing. Nice tune

  • Neil Collins

    Praise indeed, Nutini is a class act