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Hello and welcome to the third in a series of blogs aimed at getting to know some of the bands in your local music scene and listening to their new releases.


In this blog we speak to  ‘Cardboard Hit’ whose website says about the three-piece:

cardboard hit“These three friends are very different characters indeed but have morphed into a tight unit producing their own take on stripped down “garage rock”, combining unique vocal harmonies with slick heavy grooves and riff based hooks

‘Cardboard Hit’ do not fit into the box of ‘rock mediocrity’ that they shall surely have to represent, but something tells me…they’re quite happy with this.”


I was keen to find out a bit more about ‘Cardboard Hit’ so I asked them a few music and not so music related questions

Describe your music in 3 words?

Dynamic groovy Rock

Favourite local band?


Favourite local venue?

In Eastbourne it would be bar blue

Analogue or digital?


Your take on the live music scene in this country?

Shit …. Run by promoters as that don’t promote

Cameron or Corbyn?

Boris all the way !!!

Your 3 biggest influences and why?

Rage against the machine Foo Fighters Led Zepplin

Sell your music to us?

If you want to hear something fresh and new which doesn’t sound like everything else today then you’d best check us out and see what all the fuss is about

music review

So I put on the ‘Subject To Status’ EP and pressed play

Immediately apparent was the production, I mean its superb, its been recorded and mixed brilliantly and really helps to compliment the band’s style. This review was either going to be a challenge or a joy as this is the style of music I grew up with and I was really hoping ‘Cardboard Hit’ would do it justice. My first foray into music was through the likes of ‘Mudhoney’, Alice In Chains, Nirvana’ et al so I was really hoping the bands claim to “themselves being their favourite local band” was because they were fuckin good rather than false bravado? Turns out they are really fuckin good! First track ‘Bobby’ harks back to the early 90’s grunge scene, the Mudhoneys & Nirvanas. The difference here is its got great contemporary production so doesn’t sound dated at all. For a three-piece they really pack a punch, the bass and guitar lock in with each other making really tight heavy riffs, there’s a lovely distorted bass on this one. The drummings superb and the vocal is really top-notch. ‘Whitfield Crane’ sprung to mind on first listen, really nicely executed vocal, there’s a really cool ask and respond section in the chorus, very systemofadownesque. Its Nirvana with a groove, bike like from me!

We move on to ‘Say Yes’. This has more of a QOTSA feel to it & features another great guitar / bass combo riff. The vocal on this one kind of reminds me of Gerard Way. Thats not a negative at all, I happen to rate him right up there as one of the great rock vocals. The track itself reminds me of early ‘Terrorvision’, back when they were good before ‘Tequilla’!, along with other bands from the grunge era ‘Alice In Chains’ & ‘Mother Love Bone’

The third track of four ‘All The Voices’ is a bit more quirky. Theres a simple driving riff throughout and on this track we can really hear the musicianship, they’re all great musicians or else the engineers done a phenomenal job! I suspect there’s a bit of both apparent on this EP. We can hear Ross’ screaming vocal on this one “All the voices inside are calling out your name”

The Final track ‘Rabbit Hole’ is my standout track. It’s a bit deeper than the rest and there’s an almost ‘Black Sabbath’ feel to the vocal production. Its anthemic with more great riffage and musicianship, the drums on this sound particularly good. It’s a really great track, cleverly crafted with some great lyrics “Can anybody drive this machine ’cause we’re going nowhere fast”

I’m kind of amazed I haven’t really heard much about this band prior to this review. They definitely have something, there’s an energy that makes you want to sit up and pay attention, I can imagine live its an even more intense experience. Maybe it takes me back to my favourite bands and there’s a bit of nostalgia there but its more than that. They know how to write a song, whoever is in charge of production is doing a great job, and they’re believable. I genuinely can’t wait to see what they come out with next, there’s definitely room for this band in the current UK scene with their brand of (how they call it) Disco Grunge and I eagerly look forward to catching them live soon!

See if you agree, check out the EP ‘Subject To Status’ following the link below:



Thanks to ‘Cardboard Hit’ for sending me the album for review, I hope you have found this blog review enjoyable? Please feel free to leave comments below, it would be great to give them & myself some feedback?

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