Complete Promo Audio and Video – New Packages

Over the last year I’ve grown to know what bands are looking for and needing in their audio and video promo. With the onset of social media arrived a whole new avenue with which to promote your music. No longer were you confined to sending out CDs by post to record companies only to hear nothing back. Gone are the days of posting these same demos out to hundreds of radio stations only for one or two to perhaps play your music in the graveyard slot on a local radio station

We live in a rapidly changing world and music and the way it is played and listened to has changed for ever. It is important that you as artists not only accept this but revel in it. Yes, its true that record sales are no longer enough to sustain a band especially one establishing itself but the truth is there is a much more level playing field. There was indeed a glory period for the recording industry where bands made their fortune solely off their audio recordings and the sales that came with these but these times have been and gone. Percentage wise it was always a tough gig to get signed and achieve this anyway and there were a lot of bands that had their careers ruined by ruthless deals and dodgy contracts. These days you can build a fan base for your band or if you are a solo artist for yourself independently like never before. Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have enabled you all to have the opportunity to build your own fan base, get people to listen to your music and get people to your gigs like never before

In order to use social media to your advantage you really need to be putting out good content in order to showcase your music to the masses. Some bands are getting increasingly good at this whilst others are getting left behind so don’t be the latter. It is fairly easy to put together professional content for your social media site which is important as band pages become ever more professional in their attempt to stand out from the crowd. That is where I come in with my new audio & video packages

I use tailored recording equipment to get really clear multitrack recordings which I can record at a live gig or rehearsal room depending on your needs. As I am also a mix engineer this audio is mixed in post production to give you really nice pro sounding recordings. I work with you to achieve this as I recognise that this process is subjective, it is very much a team effort. I have also invested in high-end DSLR cameras to capture your performances visually. It is often not enough just to have the audio now, people are very much accustomed to visuals accompanying music such is the nature of modern music consumption. Multicamera shots edited together in post production will set your promo videos aside from more amateur recordings

The packages I have set up I have carefully put together to ensure you are getting the most out of the recordings in order to give you great content to use on your social media profiles. A professional looking video with pro audio can really showcase what you do and set you aside to potential bookers as supposed to a band with a lazy amateur video filmed on an iPhone with inaudible sound

I don’t charge by the hour but as complete packages so you know from the off how much it is all going to cost. I genuinely feel you are getting great value for money, the equipment I use is high-end, I am good at what I do and most of all the product is professional. I only ask for a small deposit up front so the balance isn’t due until the project is finished. I’m flexible and easy to work with, I understand that your music is important to you and I involve artists I work with in the process as much as I can so we can achieve exactly what you want

I’d love to hear from you so please do get in contact and book in with me via the rates page on my website and let’s make some music together!


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