An easy & complete guide to using Twitter as a band / artist

Are you finding twitter a bit of a let down? Do you blindly tweet with no response? Are your followers spammy?

It took me a long time and a couple of failed attempts to really engage with Twitters potential.It seemed complicated and a bit clunky so I stuck to other forms of social media

However when I rebranded my business and watched some tutorials / read books and articles on Twitter I discovered it was much more of a community than I had previously thought with people actively sharing your Tweets, liking your Tweets and generally showing more of an interest than on Facebook. I think the reason Twitter didn’t really appeal to me for a long time is that I didn’t really understand how to use it to its full potential. Now that I do its my go to form of social media most of the time so I’d like to share with you the best articles / blogs & tutorials on how to use Twitter. I’ve compiled it all here so you don’t have to trawl the internet and if you follow these guidelines and tips you should find the whole Twitter experience much more beneficial and enjoyable.

Twitter for bandsFor a start have a look at this article from Whilst some of the advice is a bit too flimsy such as ‘collaborate or ‘share photos’ there are some useful nuggets of info on how to promote using Twitter such as ‘trade a track for a tweet’ Top ten Twitter tips for bands by bands

Spend some time making your page look professional. As with all social media make sure it links to ayour main website / other social media pages. Treat your band / artist name as a brand, yes, it is all about the music BUT embracing social media will bring more people to your music so a bit of time spent on this is going to be beneficial. Theres a good book Online Marketing for small businesses thats worth a read. Its a step by step guide to all social media platforms and how to use them.

TwitterThere’s a really good blog already on how to set up and use your Twitter profile and you can find it here at Its a really well written and comprehensive article on how to use Twitter specifically aimed at bands and artists. Read the article here  


hootsuite bufferOnce you’ve mastered the basics you should read this article at The DIY Musician It talks about scheduling Tweets using tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer. These are great ways of scheduling all your social media and whilst there may be a small monthly fee it makes it so much simpler to organise your tweets / posts etc. I’d definitely recommend using one or both of these

Read these articles / watch these tutorials and you’ll have all the information you need to really get ahead on Twitter. The main thing I learnt is that having loads of followers who don’t care about your brand is worse than having a few followers that do. You want all your followers to be interested in what you’ve got to say so make your content fun and most of all show your personality. Don’t make it all about your music, promote other bands you like and get involved in replying to / retweeting other peoples tweets. Twitter can be a bit of a slow burner but if you stick at it and dedicate a bit of time to it you can really use it to your advantage

As Twitter reaches its 10 year milestone its never been more popular so get on there and follow me @neilrecord and I’ll follow you back so you’ll already have 1 follower keen to hear about what you’re up to!

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An easy & complete guide to using twitter as a band / artist
An easy & complete guide to using twitter as a band / artist
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